• Welcome to PGDE-I

    Introduction to BCU

    The mission of Birmingham City University (BCU) is to prepare Committed, Creative, and Confident teachers. The Post Graduate Diploma in Education (International) PGDE-I, is a UK’s Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (FHEQ) Level 7 qualification offered at ITARI in collaboration with BCU. (https://www.bcu.ac.uk/)

    Introduction to ITARI

    Indus Training and Research Institute (ITARI) is committed to building an innovative learning community of teacher leaders ready to face the uncertain future and geared towards the personalisation of learning through collaboration with experts and technologies. (https://itari.in/)

    Introduction to Post Graduate Diploma in Education-International (PGDE-I)

    PGDE-I is a research-oriented teacher education programme. It prepares teachers to unlearn, learn, relearn, domain mastery, teach the child to take ownership of her/his learning and become a lifelong learner.

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